NCARB proposes to reduce time to certification for broadly experienced and foreign architects


I know a few of us are going through the BEA or BEFA route to getting that NCARB certification.  I thought I would share the news from NCARB.  Now we just need it to happen.

Jun 20, 14 9:11 am

This is great news. Hopefully it passes.


Thanks for sharing OP.

Jun 20, 14 1:59 pm

Yup.  I was pretty happy to hear about this.  

Jun 20, 14 2:56 pm

Yes!  This is great news.

I grew up poor, and never went to college.  I had to get licensed the old-fashioned way, on pure apprenticeship / internship time.  Ended up with a license in one of the top-five most difficult states to practice in.  As such, I never understood why I needed to prove myself with another ten years of licensed practice to satisfy the BEA requirements to start getting reciprocity for other states... States that are arguably much easier to practice in.

I'd go further to suggest that every state should offer a non-academic, pure internship path to licensure.  The way it is now, they're basically telling aspirants, "You better be rich, or willing to mortgage your lifetime earnings to get licensed".  That's so elitist, it just blows my mind.  I'm certain the Education-Industrial-Complex is behind that.  Government just loves to have millions of supplicant debt-serfs to push around.

Fixing this would be fantastic.  I work worldwide, so being able to get a local license by the streamlined method NCARB certification offers would be fantastic!

Hope this goes forward.

Jun 21, 14 7:15 pm
Gang Chen, Author, AIA

Great News!

Jun 22, 14 2:37 pm

"The proposals will be distributed to NCARB’s 54 member jurisdictions for a special comment period. Member Board, collateral, and stakeholder feedback will be used to inform discussions by the Board of Directors in September and December. Depending on the feedback, the Board may move the proposals forward for a vote by the state boards at the next Annual Business Meeting in June 2015."

Let's hope that a year from now, the rule change will be made.

Jun 23, 14 9:13 am

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