Identify this building


Anyone know what this structure is?

Jun 17, 14 1:34 am

Antilia, it's a house for the fifth richest man in the world located in Mumbai.  It was designed by Perkins + Will.  Here's the Wikipedia Article on it.

Jun 17, 14 6:10 am


Jun 17, 14 7:40 am

Oh...wild guess here...yes , it's coming to me now...

It looks like old Mukesh Ambani's "little dig" just off Pedder Rd in South Mumbai.

But that's a wild guess, mind you...just pulled it out of the memory bank the last

time I visited Mumbai... Mukesh threw a killer party might not believe this...

not a STICK of furniture in the whole damn place. He said he blew the budget and was cautioned to take it a little slower to furnish. 

Jun 17, 14 8:17 am

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