Mean Curve command in Autocad

Does anyone know a command in Autocad that does the equivalent of the MeanCurve command in Rhino? I am trying to generate averaged curves for a site plan. 

The best I've found so far is the "M2P" subcommand but it is still tremendously tedious. 

Appreciate any help!

Jun 16, 14 2:00 pm

NoOoooOo... do not make the curves mean, make them good.

The Architect God saw that the curve was good, so he divided the good from the mean.

Jun 16, 14 5:52 pm

I once needed to draw topo lines directly between existing topo lines in a dwg. The existing lines were drawn at 2' changes in elevation, and I needed 1' lines.

My solution was to use a LISP in AutoCAD called RollingBall. Here is the link to the source website, and it roughly shows how it works. I hope it can work for you.

LISP routines are pretty much user programmed commands. Do 'install' them into autoCAD, I believe I just dragged the text of the LSP file into the command box in AutoCAD...quite simple.

One drawback I believe I found when using RollingBall was that it didn't seem to work between two splines, I had to convert them to plines.

I hope this help!


Jun 16, 14 8:32 pm

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