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ME and the Concrete Walls of Baghdad!

Apr 20, '18 4:27 AM EST

The concrete walls that separated areas of Baghdad, at times it enclosed a whole neighborhood separating Sunni and Shiite communities! disconnecting people, highlighting mistrust, assumed differences!

We were in the car driving on Abu Nawas street and as we got closer to Sheraton and Meridian hotels, I stopped Raya Asi who was driving and Safa Alwan Kh who was taking photographs of me for the cover of Al Shabaka magazine!

The road was crowded and I wanted to stop.. Asi Raya is pretty cool and up to all that is good and lovely.... she stopped and turned immediately! I jumped out of the car with Safa.. We didn't care about people watching us.. we snapped photos of me in front of series of concrete walls that had many patterns of tree branches and leaves casted on them..

For me the whole experience of seeing the reflections of trees on the walls was very symbolic and hopeful!

I saw it as sign of emerging out of disconnection, pain and destruction to a hopeful future filled with love and trust.

My heartfelt thanks to Raya Asi, Safa Alwan Kh for sharing the experience and for being open and willing! Thank you Ammar Karim.. Thank you Rashad Salim for sharing your passion, Thank you Hasan Jaffar Alsaaidy...Thank you my dear childhood friend for your love for Baghdad and its people...

Heartfelt Thanks to the lovely souls I met on my visit. There are the future..

Photo Credits: Safa Alwan Kh

الجدران الكونكريتية التي ضيقت وخنقت حياة البغداديين !  تحيط الجدران الاسمنتية التي صنع بعضها من مئات من الكتل الاسمنتية التي تزن الواحدة منها ستة أطنان، ويبلغ ارتفاعها 12 قدما وعرضها خمسة اقدام بالمجمعات السكنية وتنتشر في احياء بغداد. وتحيط بعضها بأحياء بأكملها .

Photo Credits: Safa Alwan Kh

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