Morcillo + Pallares

Morcillo + Pallares

Cieza, ES



By jrule
Oct 4, '12 5:07 AM EST
Photo Josep Lluís Sellart
Photo Josep Lluís Sellart


CLIENT: XYZ Convocatòria d´Instal.lacions a emplaçaments singulars Terres de l´Ebre
AREA: 30 ml
LOCATION: Pont Penjant d´Amposta / Suspension bridge in Amposta (Tarragona)
TEAM:  Architects: Ana Morcillo Pallarés, Jonathan Rule.
Collaborators: Engineer: Elena Martínez Sánchez-Dehesa. Photographer: Mariano Caballero González. Architect: Vicente Solano González


The proposal for the suspension bridge of Amposta intends to make the water of the river Ebro the protagonist in the installation. The waterfall makes reference to the constant movement of the river and at the same time creates and visual spectacle from the river banks (city and nature). On the other hand, the sound of the falling water transforms the bridge into a space of transition, an audible threshold between two worlds: the urban and the natural. The attention of the spectator is captivated by a sensorial world that invites the exploration the visual, audible, ambient and material dimensions.

The location of the waterfall was placed on the northern side of the bridge to allow for viewers to gather in the archeological remains of the Castle of Amposta. This placement has a double intention: reactivate the public space for the citizens and offer different viewpoints of the installation. On the other hand, this situation uses the light of the setting sun to augment the materialization of the falling water as it transitions to night and is illuminated by four spotlights.

The installation was a low-cost technical challenge with a construction time of only 15 days. The design of the installation consists of four circuits of semi-rigid polyethylene tube.  Each circuit contains seventeen PVC gargoyles diameter of 32mm.  Each circuit has a flow volume of 500 liters/minute and 0.5 liters/second at each gargoyle.  When the system is fully functioning it had the capability to dump 2.000 liters/minute back into the river Ebro.  The system is propelled by four 2CV submergible pumps that elevate the water 12 meters through a series of fire hoses from the river to the bridges walkway.