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4D Construction and Planning: Boosts Coordination And Enables Efficient Project Handling

By truecadd
Aug 20, '14 8:10 AM EST

4D modeling and construction planning, permits architects, engineers, and contractors to visualize construction scheduling, as a part of a collaborative experience. With the assistance of a 4D model, it is possible to set up coordination between all departments and provide a clear visualization of the schedule itself.

Substitutions as a result of design and construction planning can be evaluated persuasively within the context of space and time. This write-up will provide you with an overview of 4D CAD building modelling that can be utilized for evaluation building and construction project.

4D construction and planning is something that has gained a wide acceptance amongst architects, construction engineers and builders.

According to a research, It was established that the 4D construction sequencing and planning is way better establishing an overall communication and coordination amongst teams, than the conventional 2D CAD drawings and construction plans.

Let us look at the figures pertaining to the utilization of 4D CAD tools:

Identify construction problems before the inception of construction process

With the help of 4D CAD building modeling approximately 15% of construction problems can be classified before the inception of construction process. With the help of 4D CAD tools, it is possible for professionals to thoroughly understand the construction planning and sequencing and hence immediately identify any scheduling problems caused due to various factors immediately. This also allows efficient field coordination.

Provides complete visual information pertaining to construction planning

About 20% of professionals get adequate information pertaining to construction planning with the help of 4D CAD building modelling. When you exploit orthodox 2D documentation there is no information or data pertaining to the categorizing of activities and installation agendas for precise design elements. Construction agendas scarcely have the supplementary info mandatory for construction personnel to organize the authentic field fitting of design components.

Consequently, bidding process depends on the expertise of contractors so that they can take into consideration factors other than design.

4D CAD tool assists in simulating the construction procedure and inspires pre-planning at the primary phases when ideal solutions can be deliberated and executed.

A renowned health center in USA utilized 4D CAD tools to model approximately more than 30,000 3D elements of the projected campus development. The health center comprises of multi-phased project which has already head started. It covers approximately 280,000 square feet of original building floor area and more than 40,000 square feet of remodeled space. 3D modeling of the project was conducted through AutoCAD and the animation was conducted by a renowned graphic designing company.

Since it was a health center it was important for the hospital to run unceasingly during the construction phase. With the help of 4D animation all these intricate needs were met which reduced planning mistakes for both owners and construction personnel. With the assistance of 4D CAD tool it was possible to enhance the construction procedure. Conception of the projected construction happenings encouraged assessment and input by well-versed project team members.

But there were several restrictions which were found out after utilization of 4D CAD tool.

  • The Numero Uno limitation was the necessity of a comprehensive 3D model which requires a lot of money especially when you want to convert it from 2D drawings.
  • The second limitation was that the graphical and scheduled data was gathered from different sources which prohibited users from collaboratively constituting the schedule and profiting from the knowledge gathered during the procedure.
  • The final limitation was executing local fluctuations to the CAD model or agenda that needed user re-link all their tasks to their analogous CAD elements.

According to Eric Westwood, Project Manager for RLE, Channel Tunnel Rail Link Project speaking about 4D CAD building modeling tool said, “A flawless graphical apparatus to focus clashes between different disciplines.” He further added, “I would definitely endorse 4D constructions planning for intricate interface works.”

With the help of 4D CAD tool, it is possible to have:

  • Enriched interaction with stakeholders
  • Enhanced discernibility and lucidity of planning
  • More lively and cohesive programme meetings
  • More effective and prompt evaluation of diverse programme alternatives
  • Enhanced litheness in detail of output

About the Author: Gaurang Trivedi is engineering consultant at TrueCADD. Besides, donning multiple hats, as a website manager and marketing in charge, he also oversees the editorial content, coordinating and managing the website, its news sections, blogs and social media promotions as well.