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Protective Plexiglass Shields. Lighter, Self-Supporting & Easily Movable! Buy at PRL!

By PRL Glass Systems, Inc.
Jun 30, '20 10:48 AM EST
Plexiglass Protective Shields
Plexiglass Protective Shields

Bid protective plexiglass shields at PRL to bring flexibility to essential business projects. Lighter in weight, self-supporting and movable, these employee-customer barriers easily transport from one surface to another. Adaptable for multiple uses, and crafted with sturdy triangular and rectangular plexiglass bases, our protective shields are a must-have for work desks, reception countertops, check-out areas and more.

Protective Plexiglass Shield Info:
Customizable Barriers: With or without pass-through transaction window cut-outs
Available Shield Shapes: Square & rectangular
Available Barrier Heights & Lengths: Per your specifications
Plexiglass Thickness: ¼"
PRL's protective plexiglass shields. Your problem solver for numerous surfaces and uses. Order with us today! We design smart products for smart customers. And don't forget! You can access PRL's CAD, BIM and specs right from our ARCAT® page. Download yours now!