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​PRL is excited to announce the arrival of our NEW Waterjet Cutting System!

By PRL Glass Systems, Inc.
Nov 12, '19 5:59 PM EST
Waterjet cutting system
Waterjet cutting system

Modern developments in waterjet cutting technology is largely due to the fact that waterjet is by far the most versatile cutting process. Utilizing water and stone you can cut almost any material including; stainless steel, aluminum and glass. Capable of cutting in thickness up to 8”.

With this new technology you can go from cutting the most delicate glass to the strongest bullet resistant glass. No matter how fine or intricate the shape can be, the waterjet can cut any hole or cut out dimension or shape.

Our new waterjet machine is versatile, Powerful and Accurate. At PRL we work hard to provide all your architectural glass and metal needs with the best quality and the fastest leadtimes.

NEW Waterjet Cutting System