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Log 26 Now Available

By anyonecorporation
Dec 6, '12 4:52 PM EST

Log 26 draws together an array of writers who offer ideas for understanding, judging, inspiring, and making architecture. Exhibiting the countless roles and meanings conferred upon architecture concurrent with contemporary prognoses for design and theory, the Fall 2012 issue presents a discursively rich picture of the present, with critical looks at recent projects around the world, cautious and hopeful approaches to digital and open-source design, as well as abstractions, aphorisms, and literary treatments of architecture.



Brian Boigon, Wild Physics: Design at the Outskirts of Town

Simone Brott, Modernity's Opiate, or, The Crisis of Iconic Architecture

Mario Carpo, Digitial Darwinism: Mass Collaboration, Form-Finding, and the Dissolution of Authorship

Cynthia Davidson, Building Scenarios: Milstein Hall

Dogma, Field of Walls

Dora Epstein Jones, The Nonsignificance of Columns

Marko Jobst, Abstracting the Text

Wes Jones, Three Aphorisms

William O'Brien Jr., Totems

Manuel Orazi, A Conversation with Yona Friedman

Christopher Pierce, Sleeper(s)

Bryony Roberts, Why There's No Postmodernism 2

Ingeborg M. Rocker, Signs of Their Time: Calculated Formal Excesses of Digital Ornament, Part I

Massimo Scolari, Representations

Daniel Sherer, Critical and Palladian

Plus: On the water . . . On comics . . . On the Biennale . . . On urban maps . . .


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About Log

Log is an independent journal on architecture and the contemporary city that presents criticism and commentary in a literary format designed to resist the seductive power of the image in media, while identifying and elaborating the central concerns of architectural thinking and production today. A carefully crafted compendium of essays, interviews, and brief "observations," Log provides an ongoing international platform for the exchange of ideas, both bearing on and emanating from architecture and the city, among a curious audience of readers, including architects, designers, students, scholars, and artists. Published three times a year, general "open" issues are punctuated by occasional thematic issues on prescient topics. Founded in 2003, Log is a project of the Anyone Corporation, a non-profit organization in New York City devoted to advancing architectural thought and writing.