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line surface terracotta panel

By alanwu
Jan 20, '20 3:10 AM EST

Terracotta panel is made of natural clay, which is extruded and formed by high temperature, dried at low temperature and fired at 1200℃. Terracotta panel shown in the picture is a novel "line surface terracotta panel" -- the linear surface is neat and elegant, the fine groove made by the line surface feels a little friction, but it can bring a sense of novelty to people, the surface as a whole is a light beige, is a soft warm color tone, honest and natural.

Nowadays, the surface form of terracotta panel is gradually increasing, and the line surface is more popular with designers. The cubic ceramic with cavity structure makes the whole line surface terracotta panel look more three-dimensional. Its porous and linear surface design makes the surface more diversified, the lines are smooth and generous, and the facade outline has a layered sense, which can be cut at will according to the needs of the designer.

Terracotta panel made of natural clay are environmentally friendly, without radiation, and will not cause light pollution, in line with modern society's pursuit of high-quality life. In addition, because of the different architectural styles, there will also be different requirements for decoration materials. There are many types of line surface ceramic plates and various shapes. The color is that various clays spontaneously reconcile due to their own colors during the firing process. Large-scale use can ensure color consistently, the surface of the line is divided into regular and irregular, making it more suitable for the needs of a variety of architectural styles.