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Soft Tiles - new products from LOPO Terracotta Corporation

By wualan
Oct 18, '18 6:10 AM EST

LOPO soft tiles mainly using inorganic material as the raw material. Such as inorganic mineral powder, quartz sand, pigment, and high strength fiber etc, adding a small amount of polymer and additives, using the organic inorganic hybrid technology, forming a three-dimensional network structure. After mixing modification, forming, solidification, and compound together, it becomes a new soft building material with fiber reinforced structure. The production process is no waste water, no waste gas leakage, and no dust emissions. Using every square meter of soft tile can reduce the earth's burden of 11.25 kilograms of carbon dioxide. 

 Soft tiles have excellent properties such as light, thin and soft, anti-aging, anti-cracking, freeze-thaw resistance, anti-pollution and self-cleaning. Its difference colors come from the natural color of natural soil.

The soft tiles have a wide surface texture available: rustic clay tile imitation, wired surface, stone imitation surface and textile texture imitation etc. 
The biggest size available is 600*1500mm. Common size are 300*600mm, 600*600mm, 63*205mm, 63*220mm. Thickness is about 2-5mm  

Thanks to the high safety property, soft tiles are more suitable to be used in the high-rise buildings. LOPO soft tiles are mainly used for new and old high-rise building facade wall. Such as school, hospital, office, station, commercial street, old building wall renovation, hotel, villa, restaurant etc. 

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