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Interior design of a classic living room in a luxurious house-Nobili Interior Design

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Apr 20, '16 3:20 PM EST
Interior design of a classic living room in a luxurious house-Nobili Interior Design
Interior design of a classic living room in a luxurious house-Nobili Interior Design

Decorating your living room in a classic style is usually the number one option for people who love exquisite decoration pieces and the imposing allure that this style brings to one’s house. Those who will go with this classic look, will also opt for high-end furniture pieces such as a classic and luxurious one or an Italian style furniture.

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Such a complex interior design project will require the talented input of interior design specialists. These experts will be there to offer you guidance regarding the furniture selection. It all depends on your personal taste of course, but they will prove to be useful as they will suggest unique accessories that will fit right in the classic style you want to go for.

When you solicit the aid of such an interior design expert, you must listen to his opinion and explain your overall vision, so that he can understand your needs and wants regarding the room that is going to be redecorated. As soon as the priorities are set and the beneficiary's preferences are known, the interior design project can begin.

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The first recommendation would be regarding the color pallet for the living room. You should opt for elegant and soft shades such as creme, beige or even a dusty gold hue. The combinations are endless and if the client wishes to opt for a spunky look, a printed wallpaper is a highly recommended option. The ceiling can also contain soft and elegant details which will evoke that refined and classic allure you are interested in. A very lush chandelier might be just the right accessory, but if for some reason you do not want a chandelier, some fancy lamps placed in the corners of your living might also do the trick.

As for the style of the furniture, the client may choose one made out of massive wood. The color as well as the small details such as the handles, the keys from the drawers or even the overall finish of the furniture piece, can evoke a precious and very sophisticated allure. If you have chosen an imposing library for the living room, this could contain models made out of massive wood and they can be painted in a lighter shade, so you obtain a stylish contrast. This simple coating of paint can give it a more original feel. 

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The floor should also respect the same classic note, thus one made out of layered wood is definitely a good choice. The dining room area must have an oval shaped table, however you can opt for a rectangular one just as well, depending on the surrounding space. The table should also have 12 chairs with an oval shaped back. On the table, you can add ceramic vases or even some elegant candles that can finish off this classic dinning room look.

We cannot leave out a monumental type of sofa, one that doesn't have too many decorative pillows, but if you do want pillows, we advise you to go with the round ones made out of silk fabrics. If you wish to include a coffee table, this item should also be made out of wood with some neatly sculpted legs and for the shape, opt for an oval or square one.

There are so many choices to consider and some of them are not easy ones. That is why under the close guidance of interior design experts, the end result will definitely be to your liking. 

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