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How to reset the correct classification of a pipe fitting that is incorrect?

Advenser Engineering Services
Mar 9, '18 8:51 AM EST

Advenser Engineering Services has released the ‘Tip of the Month’ for the month of March 2018. This month’s tip is on ‘How to reset the system classification of a pipe fitting that is incorrect’. The ‘Tip of the Month’ initiative started from February with ‘How to color code  families in Revit’. Advenser has been getting feedback from many online followers about how useful this is for anyone in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry.

The tip provides two methods to reset the correct classification of an incorrect pipe fitting. In the first method:

  1. Disconnect the pipe from the pipe fitting which belongs to a different system
  2. Reconnect by stretching the pipe back to the fitting by using trim method for reconnection.

In the second method of solving this problem:

  1. Press the “Tab” key and select the fitting, this makes the system highlighted in the System Browser (System Browser opens from View tab -> User Interface -> System Browser or by pressing keyboard shortcut “F9″)
  2. Once selected, press the Delete key which basically deletes the System. Then reconnect the pipes back to the fitting.

The demand for Building Information Modelling is rapidly increasing as it is becoming a standard requirement for large-scale construction projects in many countries. Also, architects are coming out with amazing and equally challenging designs for buildings. It is the duty of BIM Service Providers to create interactive models of these designs. Small yet complicated problems like this arise and most people may find it difficult to solve them. Through ‘Tip of the Month’ Advenser hopes to come to the rescue of engineers and draftsmen.

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