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Advenser provides A to Z list on BIM terminologies in their new social media campaign

Advenser Engineering Services
Jan 11, '18 2:40 AM EST

Advenser, the worldwide provider of Engineering Services has come forward with a new social media initiative which went live in the first week of January 2018. Called ‘BIM Archives’, it aims at educating all of their followers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram about the most relevant BIM Terminologies.

This is the first time that someone from the industry has come up with such an initiative. Advenser has been in the BIM industry for a long time and has ample experience and expertise in various sectors of BIM.  Thorough research on various terms used in the BIM industry made it (BIM Archives) possible. People can use the hashtag BIMArchives to get all the terms in Google or social networking websites.

People dealing with BIM may be unfamiliar with few BIM terminologies, especially the ones that arise as a result of technological advancement. Advenser noticed that no one in the industry has taken to their social media to educate their followers about the same to a level to satisfy a whole mass. So as a new year’s resolution, Advenser thought it would be apt to get their followers accustomed to learning two BIM Terms a week. The team has taken the effort to gather the terms and have simplified it. This is a testament to the knowledge and expertise that Advenser has gained over the years.

Advenser has already been running many campaigns through social media which gives some interesting information on major buildings in the construction industry and some curious facts on major architectural wonders. People can expect such diverse campaigns in future as well, says Hobbes S Sujith, Digital Marketing Lead at Advenser.

About Advenser: Advenser Engineering Services is a leader in BIM and CAD Engineering Services with offices in USA, UAE, and India. Their clients are spread all over the world and include architects, general contractors, building owners and consultants. Advenser is a specialist in architectural bim, steel detailing, MEP bim and curtain wall detailing services.