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Shadow Analysis and a New Approach towards It

Bhushan Avsatthi
Jul 16, '14 2:03 AM EST

Shadow Analysis can be described a simple tool utilized for analyzing daylight conditions. These analyses are depicted in the form of colorful pictures wherein different colors represent different amounts of exposure to sun light. This method was created in order to make architects aware of daylight conditions in dense urban area and endow them with a tool for designing better and more sustainable buildings and urban spaces.

Today professionals have discovered a new approach from monoscopic urban scenes to automatic extraction of building heights. A volumetric shadow analysis (VSA) method has been proposed for extraction of 3D building information (shape, height and footprint location) as well as for handling occluded building footprints or shadows. LEED shadow analysis services are provided by several outsourcing companies. Since shadows and solar reflection are essential properties required for designing a building, the shadow lines analysis and solar shadow analysis are used for shadow flicker analysis. The shadow analysis software, which provides crucial information to planners and architects, is also used when it comes to taking decisions on the location of windows, photovoltaic installations, parking lots, pergolas, etc.

The VSA method determined building heights merely by manually adjusting building height until the actual shadows in the image and the projected shadows yielded for an assumed height matched. One of the latest researches proposed a smart scheme based on the VSA method for automatic building height extraction. This can be achieved by examining the location change of projected shadow lines in connection with the actual shadow regions while building heights are incrementally increased. The performance of the projected automatic height extraction was then in comparison to that of manual extraction.

The methodology was primarily applied to QuickBird, Worldview-1, IKONOS and KOMPSAT-2 images with manually extracted building roofs. The results support the potential of the proposed methodology in automatic height extraction right from a single image accurately and efficiently, and in handling occluded building shadows and footprints. The methodology has also been combined with an existing roof extraction method and has been tested for automated building roof extraction. All the results evidenced that the proposed method can surely offer a powerful cue for automatic building roof extraction right from a single image.

Below mentioned are some of the common services that majority of the outsourcing companies provide for Shadow Analysis:

  • Shade and Sun Analysis
  • Line of Sight
  • True Ortho
  • Contour
  • Tabular and Graphical Representation of Objects in Shadow