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David Corban Architect

Naples, FL


Haldeman Creek House

context   The community is located in coastal south Florida.  The immediate area is a transitional district within a Community Development Overlay.  The neighborhood includes single and multi-family dwellings with limited waterfront.

program   The clients are a family of three who are avid sailors.  They have a keen interest in sustainability and energy efficiency.  The program called for a modest 3 bedroom home with rooms that are oriented to the outdoors and views of the water.  Our client’s budget was limited to +- $300,000.00

solution   The former structure was a converted boathouse located over a 60 x 120 boat basin carved out of a canal 45 years ago.  The clients lived in the old 900 sf structure until untenable problems including: termite damage, unsafe marine piles, uninsulated walls and no hurricane protection forced them to leave.

After an 8-month variance process, the Architects attained permission to rebuild in the current, nonconforming location over the water and within 3 feet of the waterfront property line.  Plans were reviewed by neighbors and at two public hearings. The variance dictated that the existing 22 x 60 footprint be maintained with the new home. 

Living spaces are raised up on pilings to meet FEMA flood regulations and to allow covered parking for boats and cars.  The “front porch” and roof, cantilevered 12 feet to keep pilings clear of boat traffic, afford participation in activity on the canal.  Sleeping rooms are stacked over main living areas in keeping with constraints of the variance.

sustainability  Passive  cooling systems include 5 foot overhang on south side and 12 foot overhang on west side. By raising the home up on pilings over water and in the path of prevailing southerly winds that are in turn cooled by passing over the water, a microclimate is formed that is 10-12 degrees cooler than adjacent properties. 

historic precedence is taken from old Florida fish camps found in the 10,000 islands and Pine Island Sound and from local marinas built upon the settling of coastal Florida.  These structures have withstood the harsh coastal Florida elements for over 50 years and are the embodiment of sustainability by necessity.  We wanted to take the structure, materials and green elements of old Florida vernacular architecture and interpret it for a 21st century urban lifestyle.

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Status: Built
Location: Naples, FL, US