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Vessel Studio

Los Angeles, CA


Paoli Residence

Nestled on a crest overlooking a beautiful valley and stream, this modest home for two professionals was begging for a connection to its landscape. The original house, built in the 1800's, was a small, typical Pennsylvania one room farmhouse. Over the years several additions had been performed creating an amalgamation of styles and spaces.

Vessel Studio was approached with the task to stitch the house back together spatially and open it up to the views the site had afforded them. This phased project began with a simple kitchen/dining room renovation and ultimately culminated into a full interior renovation from end to end with a new expansive sunroom anchoring the house to the site. We blended the interior and exterior qualities of the house by visually extending the occupiable spaces of the once partitioned rooms to the landscape with large openings to key landscape elements.

The use of FSC certified Brazilian Redwood on the exterior connected the home to its natural surroundings while the use of energy efficient windows, doors and lighting transformed the home into highly responsive energy saving sustainable home.

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Status: Built
Location: Paoli, PA, US