Studio of Relativity, Inc. dba Relativity Architects

Studio of Relativity, Inc. dba Relativity Architects

Los Angeles


Woodbury University Campus


With a Concept created by Woodbury students, RA created an outdoor courtyard between two building in a former vacant lot.  Custom concrete work,  landscaping, lighting, and rolling Trex ramps are part of this project.  It has become a vibrant meeting space for University student during the day and at night

Retail store for high end denim and Mens clothing.  Design consisted of custom metal panels suspended from the ceiling for clothing display, 2" thick 10ft long floating purple heart wood shelves, custom curved steel tubing making up the changing rooms and hanging bars in one continuous member.

Size: 1,700 sq ft.

Location: Burbank, CA

Status: Built – 2008

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Status: Built