Studio of Relativity, Inc. dba Relativity Architects

Studio of Relativity, Inc. dba Relativity Architects

Los Angeles


Vermont Manzanita


The emphasis on the creation of a thriving community requires that the building be both identifiable as a whole while at the same time allow the individuality of the residents to be identified.  For that reason the exterior treatment incorporates features that would distinguish the private from the public and allow the different wings to be clearly different.  The key functions such as stairs, elevator, circulation, common facilities, residential units are all treated differently in order to create a vocabulary of forms and colors that will allow both a clear identity and integrated whole.



The main idea of the building is to create a strong community of families by incorporating opportunities for interaction within the complex together with the careful integration into the existing urban fabric.  The design incorporates a separation between the grade level of public oriented areas that relate to the commercial character of the neighborhood and the residential areas above on the upper levels.

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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
Firm Role: Architect