Studio of Relativity, Inc. dba Relativity Architects

Studio of Relativity, Inc. dba Relativity Architects

Los Angeles


Imagine Village Apartments

2020 Architecture Masterprize Winner | Social Housing Award

Program: Permanent Supportive Housing for Low-Income Families and Chronically-Homeless Veterans with Ground Floor Offices for Penny Lane Centers

Imagine Village is an affordable housing community of 75 units for veterans and families, this project also provides an adoption/foster center, as well as support services, community areas, and extensive landscaping. Part of a larger complex of non-profit companies, it is designed with the environment in mind. Utilizing the vast site, a balance of density and open space was achieved by programming multiple buildings with resident and unit type. Landscaping was used to create unobtrusive privacy and security.

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Status: Built
Location: Lancaster, CA, US
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Photos By: Nico Marques