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Today when an Architect designing a House based on pure volumes, large crystals and projecting structures, no one really questions why such design, however, it is usual that is.. .with a project of different characteristics to those established by a time or time specific, arise the questions. Criticism, understanding by this to any person able to observe and comment, is always eager to answers, of reasons, reasons. Because of this, it is that I will try to explain in my terms as this project of House which I've entitled the Cherry is generated.
The start of this project arises before the request of my client, which me: "I want a colonial House, different from the one of this neighborhood". Response to so defined idea was by my part: "I not can design a colonial House, the colonial architecture tube a moment and a reason, make a replica would be me as a caricature of the things, I propose to you, let me present you a project which has the Foundation translated from what I understand "colonial House" and similar features. My client accept, although I think that somewhat distrustful.
I began to wonder that characteristics of the colonial buildings that I know in my head generated the concept of COLONIAL. Thus they began to reach me the answers in the form of images, of memories faithful or mutated by time, crafts, colors, emotions, sensations. Central courtyards, wide walls, buttresses, arcades, galleries, bars of iron balconies or doors, massive brightly, and inputs of light always forms handled by the hand of man. I also remembered paintings, the more clear in my mind was the José Clemente Orozco painting titled "Mexican people". This first two ideas emerged: one was a patio in lathe which runs the House, the other idea was to generate a facade from only 2 or 3 elements strong enough to not need anything more. On the work consisted in the development of a project that included intentions regularly handled in each of the projects that we do more what previously had already in my head as colonial.
Cherry, a project is accomplished in this way where the main façade is configured based on two elements, namely: a flat major on a background of burnt red and white L-shaped and is actually a volume that provides the massive giving wide walls at the time. An interior courtyard that comes from the garage and around Central the magnificent of which turns most of the spaces that make up the architectural program. Windows and doors that are apparent relationship or ratio, rather than simply provide the necessary air to the room and light sued. A main entrance with more than one double-height, which reminds us that we are entering someone's House who we respect. And finally some bars of iron black that beyond protecting, guarding the House.
I think that me is difficult to discover or describe this House through words or photos, and is not only by their lack of formal show or costume, but by actually think you have to walk through it, you have to live... feel and see how light is knowing and accompanying every corner as the hours of the day This is where you will find your beauty.
As I said at the beginning, is that everyone who reads this will have an opinion, this is mine

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Status: Built
Location: Puebla, MX
Firm Role: Principal