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KUU architects

Tallinn, EE


Floriade 2012 Estonian pavilion "Koda"

Estonians have historically been “forest dwellers”. Their experience in building from wood goes back to the 3rd millennium BCE when the first timber structure was built – the koda (chamber). Through traditions and customs, this dwelling unit with archaic and simple architecture laid the foundation for a complex ethos that could be called the soul of the estonian identity.
The concept for this pavilion is based on the archetypal koda, which has been modernized in form and function. The koda is a unit that can be given very many different functions and can be grouped to create larger modular combinations. The pavilion is a timber frame structure composed of 6 koda modules finished with different high-quality materials and in different styles. Floriade 2012 Estonian paviljon is the first built object following described concept of contemporary koda.

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Status: Built
Location: Venlo, NL
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Joel Kopli, Koit Ojaliiv