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Parker Jewish Institute - Facility Master Planning

As part of the development of Parker's new master plan, the Executive Offices, Admissions and Human Resources Departments were re-designed. Formerly disparate departments were re-organized to be more efficient, and amended with conference rooms and other support areas. The board room was designed for maximum flexibility and functions for meetings, seminars and other events. The interior finishes, textures, colors and multiple lighting sources convey a level of sophistication and attention to detail - all of which support Parker’s mission of providing culturally enriched environments for their residents, as well as their staff.


A central corridor and strategically placed water feature act as a primary transition from the main lobby entry to each of the new departments. Clearly defined floor and ceiling details work together to create an inherent way-finding system. Direct and indirect lighting enhance wood wall details, and helps guide the eye through the space.
The interior environment and ambiance reflect PJI’s tenents of a humanistic mission, promoting wellness, modern health care design principles and ongoing evidence based research.  The CEO / President’s office is adjacent to the new board room and functions as a smaller scale area for meetings and discussions. The lighting, detailing and finish selections represent the continuation of the overall design scheme.

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Status: Built
Location: New Hyde Park, NY, US