Tobin | Parnes Design

Tobin | Parnes Design

New York, NY


Carmine's Restaurant

This project consisted of a renovation and expansion of an existing 6000 SF multi-floor restaurant in Times Square, New York City.  Tobin | Parnes created a new floor opening to house a decorative main stair, expanding the restaurant, and linking it to the second floor. The existing main kitchen was increased in size and a new baking kitchen and dumbwaiter system were added to the second floor.  Working with restaurant designer Peter Niemitz, new finishes and millwork were designed to blend with the color, texture and feeling of the existing restaurant.  New light toned terrazzo flooring and stair materials were incorporated to emphasize the “Italian, family-style” theme and highlight the rich textures on the walls.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US