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spatial practice

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spatial practice La Squadra show room facade
spatial practice La Squadra show room facade

La Squadra show room paris

spatial practice was commissioned to transform a given patchwork of disconnected spaces in the historical and famous quartier du Marais in Paris, France.
To reconcile modern retail functions with the existing historic building, which is a part of the 18th century architectural heritage, every individual space, each marked by intervention or time, needs to be reevaluated.

Each space with its own particular program and character was the result of a juxtaposing between natural and artificial light, contemporary and renovation intervention, private and public circulation, front and back of house definition.

The basement needs no intensive intervention as the space itself forms the perfect location for VIP retail.

On the ground floor level the unity of spaces, from the facade in the front till the canope in the back of the building, is realised by conformity in colour as an ideal background to highlight merchandise. The private office on the mezzanine level maintains its own serene atmosphere, secluding itself from the public scene.

Distinct materials in the west entrance signals a clear path to the showroom, presenting wholesale merchandise, and introduces the brand at the same time.

The strong missing identity of the fashion brand was obtained by unifying the façade on all levels and both entries through a clear and strategic main window intervention.

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Status: Built