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Boston, MA


Infinity Pharmaceutical

Infinity Pharmaceuticals, a forward-looking cancer treatment developer and 40-person organization, tapped Dyer Brown’s workplace and corporate services teams as they were undergoing a rebrand and planning a move to a permanent 10,000 sq. ft. office location in anticipation of future growth. 

Dyer Brown’s trademark visioning process revealed that Infinity Pharmaceuticals’ employee culture was rooted in a love of the outdoors and an active lifestyle, so the design focused on promoting physical and mental wellbeing by using natural materials and motifs liberally throughout. The palette of subtle greens and blues – a subdued version of the colors found in Infinity Pharmaceuticals’ logo – fills the space, complimented by natural wood wall paneling and a full-height living green wall in the lobby. Varied ceiling heights evoke the rhythmic effects of moving beneath a tree canopy which is paralleled with ‘path-in-the-woods’ carpeting. 

Occupying a full floor of a 1970’s Brutalist-style building, whose sharp triangular footprint allows light to flood the space from three sides, the open office plan includes shower facilities for those who bike to work, ample personal storage space, a wellness room with fitness equipment and space for mindfulness practices, and a mother’s room. Among the open office zones a large kitchen and pantry invites social interaction, and is fully equipped with audiovisual systems to support informal presentations or trainings.

The completely open plan office zones feature a variety of tech-enabled workspaces that vary in degree of privacy – designed to support diverse workstyle preferences. Audio-visually equipped private meeting and conference rooms of different sizes are also available to reserve through an online scheduling platform. To ensure employees could remain active and social throughout the day without disrupting others’ focused tasks, Dyer Brown specified acoustic lighting, furniture and technology that meets individual needs for quiet. 

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Status: Built
Location: Boston, MA, US
Firm Role: Architecture, interior design