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Detroit Riverfront

4D - Detroit

Detroit has lost 25% of its population of 1.85 million from 1950, to a 100 year low
point of 706,585 people. People make the great public space as much as the built
environments we design. Our proposal, in addition to creating a great public space,
looks outside the project boundaries and invests in the critical mass development of
pedestrian scaled urban neighborhoods that inspires and promotes active lifestyles.
The goal is to promote a diversity of open space and land use to stimulate population
migration back to the city. The master plan focuses heavily on bringing jobs back to the
region. Developing a green technology manufacturing and research campus provides
a diversity of jobs, training, and education to the community. The center located on
the riverfront can take advantage of the regional natural resources accessible along
the river and provide an innovation node or open laboratory plaza to the community.
Environmental design quality has a direct impact on public health through increasing
air and water quality and promoting walkable environments benefiting pedestrians and
cyclists. Providing an extensive and diverse network of paths, parks, and greenways
promotes the multiple levels of physical and educational activity. Our proposal looks
to build upon many of the investments the city has already begun.
Adding two buildings at the end of Jefferson Avenue maintains the fabric edge of the
boulevard and creates a forced focal point and sense of arrival or gateway to the a new
park and plaza areas. The new park would open to the river’s edge and clearly reveal
an iconic civic structure. The theatre and ice plaza is located on axis with Woodward
Avenue and would host a variety of programmed theatrical and musical events.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Detroit, MI, US

Ice Plaza
Ice Plaza
Innovation Plaza
Innovation Plaza
Master Plan
Master Plan