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Winter Park Country Club Starter's House

The earliest iteration of this historic structure was constructed in 1916 for the City of Winter Park.  Several additions over the years have increased the size and program of the Starter’s House which originally began as a modest utilitarian structure. More recently the Starter’s House has served as the pro shop for the course.

Originally tasked with providing restroom and locker facilities within the existing structure, we seized on the opportunity to transform the Starter’s House into a viable community space in addition to serving the needs of the golf course.  Extensive termite damage required the reconstruction of many structural elements including most interior partitions and portions of the exterior walls.  As the layers of history were revealed a much greater opportunity to engage the Starter’s House within its site presented itself.

Situated at the first tee box, the Starter’s House enjoys an expansive view of the course.  The opportunity to capture this horizon with the space of the addition plays out in the articulation of the west elevation and community terrace.  Prominently standing dormant within the interior space is the original chimney which had been covered up in previous renovations.  We have chosen to reveal the chimney in its unaltered state within the interior as a direct reference to the history that is present and the passage of time.  On axis with the chimney the west entry and sculpture on the community terrace reinforce the extension of space from the interior out to the green.  The sculpture is of rusted steel and fire, a referential element acknowledging the history present on the site.   Heart pine boards original to the structure were salvaged during the demolition process.  These boards were ripped into thin strips and are arranged along the south wall of the interior space further reinforcing the connection to the horizon and providing a tactile reference to history.

Restrooms are grouped along the east façade thereby opening the interior to expansive views of the green.  Roof structure has been revealed as well allowing natural light to flood the space through the west gable.  This large space can serve multiple functions ranging from a golfers’ lounge to public and private events.

With its renewed presence on the golf course and in the community, the Starter’s House frames a moment of historic Winter Park, re-presenting it within a relevant public space.

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Status: Built
Location: Winter Park Florida