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Tree Adventure

Tree Adventure is a five-station exhibit focusing on urban forestry that opened to public and critical acclaim July 4, 2009.  Each station, spread throughout the Arboretum, addresses the biology of trees, the benefit of trees, and the stewardship of trees.  The message of Tree Adventure is “We need trees and the urban forest needs us.”  Metcalfe and Morris staff collaborated to create the other four stations by enhancing existing features with activities and interpretive signage.  Other stations include:

Dawn Redwood Grove – Visitors measure the height of trees and study “living fossils” in a grove of some of the country’s oldest and largest redwoods.
Oak Alle – Visitors measure the length of trees’ roots and learn how roots grow and how they benefit the trees.
• Springhouse – At this pre-Victorian and Colonial refrigeration staple, visitors analyze temperature changes, using thermometers placed in the shade, the sun, water, and underground.
Log Cabin – Built in 1908, this structure illustrates how trees are necessary not only to animals, but to humans as well, to create homes and keep warm.

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Status: Built
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania