Hortus Environmental Design Synergy

Hortus Environmental Design Synergy

New York, NY


2013: "One" Now available on AmazonKindle!

Sometimes we can make life complicated and it's good to go back to being a kid for a moment to keep it simple.

"One" is the first official graphic design project from Hortus Environmental Design Synergy. It's a wonderful, inspiring, endearing and original little e-book about getting it right for one's self and discovering and maintaining one's intrinsic value and individual happiness.

We are excited to share our book with you, inspire you, and join you in a little laughter.

Buy "One" here for your kindle:

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Status: Built
My Role: written and illustrated by Misty Gonzalez
Additional Credits: with illustration editing by Adriana Olivares, Editing by Lyn Carrick