Future Green Studio

Future Green Studio

Brooklyn, NY


AEA Headquarters

This project for the Association for Energy Affordability in Bronx, NY employs a diverse array of performative design strategies to maximize on-site stormwater capture and energy efficiency.

The green roof consists of a patchwork planting plan which incorporates different native plant communities. In addition to the typical sedum-based extensive green roof plants, there are selections from the native Hudson Valley rocky outcropping community (Bear Mountain) and the Long Island coastal beach community (Fire Island).

A green wall and green screens filter views from the roof while sequestering carbon dioxide emanating from the adjacent Bruckner Boulevard thoroughfare. The green wall, planted with drought-tolerant grasses and perennials, lends the garden a visual focal point and feature wall. The green screens, with rapid growing deciduous and evergreen twining vines, expand the surface areas for vertical greening. In addition, sub-irrigated planters maximize the retention and reuse of stormwater.

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Status: Built
Location: Bronx, NY, US