DNA Barcelona Architects

DNA Barcelona Architects

Barcelona, ES


Barcelona Luxury Flat

The fusion of various traditional cultures around the world has been the common denominator for contemporary design of this apartment of 60m2 located in the Eixample district of Barcelona.

To reflect these cultural interests, the space is divided into two zones, generating completely opposed environments: the social area, assigned to the Asian culture, and the private area associated with the Moroccan culture.

The space, designed to accommodate the living area, is resolved with a completely open distribution, in which a sober kitchen, dining and living room are connected by Asian motifs. In addition to receiving several guests comfortably, the TV room allows guests to sit and relax on the characteristic sofa plenty of colorful and unique cushions.This part of the room can serve as an extra room occasionally. A large closet behind the kitchen counter allow to hide all the fixtures and appliances, ensuring the harmony of the space in general. A warm mystical atmosphere is created through careful lighting, which focuses on framing the different pieces of art of great value, while bathing the elegant dark wood floor.

In contrast, the space for the private rooms of the apartment shows its interest in Moroccan culture. In this part of the house, the rooms are white tones conveying a sense of spaciousness as well as emphasizing the play of light and shadows that are generated through traditional handmade lamps, sample of the ancestral origins of the owner. The intimate and quiet breathing room make it ideal for relaxation with carpets to help create a warm atmosphere, comfort and good taste.

The whole project has a clear unity of design, ideas and sensations transmitted through a judicious choice of furniture, lighting, materials and sculptures, which consolidated a different and new lifestyle. The clean lines and open spaces afforded by the contemporary design increase the exposure of numerous pieces of art collected by the owner during various trips around the world.

In this case, the integration of Asian motif, Arabs, and others in Western cultures, are represented in a luxury apartment in Barcelona, ​​able to combine a wide range of needs, perfectly adapted to a contemporary lifestyle, inspired by the traditional, but the design is looking for innovation in new trends for the future.

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Status: Built
Location: Barcelona, ES