Guadalajara, MX


Casa ML

Casa ML | ML House

Design Team: Luis Othon Villegas-Solis, Juan Carlos Name, Alvaro Gutierrez, Juan Luna

Photos: Mito Covarrubias

During the design process for the house ML questionings and resolutions arose in which there was always a constant search for the volumetric experimentation. The concept is based on a central distribution through a patio interrupted by a bridge. This generalization of the patio constitutes memories from the past and the Latin-American colonial house prototype, perhaps a vernacular and regional thought, but with deep investigation on aesthetics and experimental forms in relation to program and design.

The floor plan, interrupted by a patio, generates two diaphanous prisms conceptually united by a ribbon that goes through all the house, from the front to the back. It is about formal relation of dislocated forms, that generates visual constraints and constructive unfolds in a true dialogue between interior and exterior. The program allows the partition for this volumetric study and the separation of public spaces versus private.

The circulations are always to the center, and it is through these elements that the form is broken. Stairs and windows generate visual and photogenic constructions in all the assembly. The project represents a study in deep perspectives, openess and transparencies, red, gray, and white colors emphasize the aesthetics about the use of alien materials to the residential typology, but that conjugate warmth and quality at the same time.

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Status: Built
Location: Zapopan, MX