ThessalonĂ­ki, GR


emergency eco park

'Emergency Eco-Park' received a Honarable Mention in the International UIA Competition “Renewable energy sources and bioclimatic architecture for shells to shelter people affected by natural disasters” in 2008. The project aims at the production of an emergency park strategically designed with the potential to transform within a few days into a settlement to shelter people affected by natural disasters. The proposed shelter unit is energy-efficient, recyclable, polymorphic and extendable, easy to transfer and install and engaging the dwellers in its construction process. It provides safety and the highest quality of living possible under the circumstances. Thermal comfort and individual floor area within the dwelling are considered as a set of minimum necessary conditions. The dwelling core is a self-supporting pleated tube to which deployable components – sleeping areas, veranda and bathroom – adhere. Dwelling parts are transported to the location by truck in flat packages and erected in situ. The pleated surface is multi-layered, including structural strata (honeycomb cardboard, Tectan board) and insulation strata (Actis, Gore-Tex). On its south-facing side, the hot air accumulated between the pleats can be released into the interior. Side and top facets can rotate into openings.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Thessaloniki