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China CITIC Bank-Shaoxing

Through poetic representation Wang Xizhi's Lantingji Xu 曲水流觴, the design embarks in the journey of the Celestial Cascade, an iconic landmark inspired by the traditional Shaoxing water garden, its stone bridges and heritage courtyard structures. The parti is inspired by historic local methods which embraces a relationship between man and nature. This is synthesized into natural aspects one experiences in the region: the surrounding mountain range, rivers, and Keyan stone. This idea of a harmonious relationship between man and nature is of exemplary nature within the Chinese garden, and represented poetically within potted landscape art, which begins to illustrate the philosophy of scale and a variation of approach.

The combination of natural, poetic regional elements are introduced into the architecture within the journey through modern technique. By introducing water, energy, and comfort strategies within the building, we begin to create eco-friendly architecture which will signify China CITIC Bank's commitment to innovative, responsive solutions which embrace sustainability on economic, ecological, and social levels. Herein describes our approach to create an iconic landmark for the 21st century.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Shaoxing, CN
My Role: Partner Design Architect
Additional Credits: In collaboration with H2 Architecture Design Group