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Six Dynasty Museum and Nanjing Hanfujie Plaza Complex

The Six Dynasty Museum and Nanjing Hanfujie Plaza complex occupies a key site which also includes a Boutique Hotel and parking and is located adjacent to the historic Nanjing Presidential Palace on the east end of Changjiang Road. To its east are the Meiyuan Village and an Air Force property; to its west the former Presidential Palace; to its south are Changjiang Road and the Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum; to its north is an existing residential complex. The design scheme takes full advantage of the site configuration and program complexity and responds to its unique location next to the Presidential Palace and Meiyuan Village-two national historical landmarks.

The building complex is comprised of two geometrical configurations:  the diagonal geometry of the museum and the orthogonal geometry of the hotel. It is unified inside and out by the use of two materials that dominate the exterior of the building:  a beige limestone which covers the walls and the glass of the fenestrations and skylights.

Museum Component:  The diagonal geometry of the museum is an architectural decision rather than a historical one that serves an important purpose for both the exterior and the interior of the building. The result yields inviting views of the Presidential Palace complex and opens up views to the west for all hotel rooms east and south of the roof garden. In the interior of the building, the diagonal geometry contributes to more dynamic public spaces on all levels.

One of the many unique features of this museum is its all-glass entrance carved underneath the museum’s cantilever stone wall of the Southeast façade. Behind the stone wall there is a glass slot that runs the entire height of the building from the museum entrance to the top levels.  On the street level, the glass entrance wraps the complete corner providing open views from and to the museum lobby.  Inside the museum an entrance gallery leads visitors to the monumental atrium covered by a grand skylight. Visitors may enter into the museum’s main galleries through this grand space.

Hotel Component: The hotel’s main entrance is located along Dongjian Road on a quieter street and directly across from the Presidential Palace. The hotel is organized in two volumes: a 2-level volume with a garden on top and a 6-level volume with hotel rooms facing the garden, the street and the Presidential Palace beyond.

The Hotel lobby and the Museum atrium are separated by means of a glass wall that allow for transparency between the two components. A 2-story sunken patio covered by skylights between the Museum and the Hotel brings natural light to the hotel lounge lobby and the Museum’s café / shop, and the Hotel’s second level.

Building Height:  The complex is set to a maximum building height at roof level of 24 meters. However, the entire complex is set to recognize a 21-meter building height limitation: This approach preserves the natural daylighting for adjacent buildings and allows for breathtaking views throughout the complex

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Status: Built
Location: Nanjing, CN