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Al Turki Business Park

The new headquarters building for the Alturki Group will set a new standard for office building construction in Saudi Arabia.

Built on a landscaped site of 8,595 sq. meters, the development comprises a high-tech 14-storey tower. Alturki Business Park is a prestigious gated business community with 11,500 sq. meters of rentable floor space.

The centerpiece tower soars to 70 meters high and is attracting some of the business world’s foremost companies. The design of the tower is based on a 9-meter structural grid with a variable cantilever to form a cylindrical building with a 38-meter diameter.

The cylindrical form is altered by a dramatic diagonal slice on the entrance (west) side. The resulting elliptical shape recalls the forms of some of the great mosques of the Arab world, such as Shah Mosque in Isfahan or the Taj Mahal. A similar form is used on the east side, but without the diagonal slice.

Sustainable features include variable sunshading devices (different for the south side) and use of a “sun shelf” to reduce lighting and increase user comfort.

The new Alturki Group headquarters will become the catalyst for the development of this new part of Dhahran. Building a world-class structure in terms of both design and performance will ensure that this neighborhood becomes the most desirable new area of Dhahran

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Dhahran, SA