Kharkiv, Ukraine


Roshen Park - multifunction entertainment centre

located on the territory of the well-known “roshen” confectionary, the plot is expected to provide for a number of functions: “roshen” company outlet, entertainment centre that would tell visitors about confectionary manufacturing, and recreation spaces.

the project envisages prospective transformation of manufacturing premises into a public place with retail facilities. to this end, we created a single structure made up by interpenetrating spaces and sub-spaces. the integrated public space comprises a gallery of shadows, a terraced garden, a meeting square, “secret laboratory” show, a chocolate line, and a shop.
apart from being a unifying element for the whole structure, a three-dimension screen protects the park from the noisy road, creates a two-tier gallery, ensures sun protection, and serves as a showcase for the shop.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Kyiv, UA
My Role: Architects