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GWWO Architects

Baltimore, MD


Port Canaveral Exploration Tower

GWWO, Inc./Architects, specialists in the design of welcome and visitor centers nationwide, designed the new 20,000-SF center located in Brevard County, Florida.  The new iconic Port Canaveral Exploration Tower expresses the common characteristics—transience, function and imagery—of Brevard County's many stories: cruising, the space coast, the military, nature, and beaches. The building's dynamic form and features—sun louvers, exposed structure and iridescent skin—contribute to a constant sense of movement as the sun plays across the structure, meet functional needs, and evoke imagery of the Port and County. A rocket ready to launch, a surfboard in the sand, a ship's hull, a rocket contrail, all can be seen in the structure's striking presence.

The seven-story welcome center features an auditorium, exhibits covering 12,000 years of area history, multi-purpose and special event space, a gift shop and café. The seventh floor hosts an observation deck, with views overlooking the water, and the arriving and departing ships that
frequent the port daily.

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Status: Built
Location: Cape Canaveral, FL, US
My Role: Architect
Additional Credits:
Additional Credits: Alan Reed, Design Principal
Terry Squyres, Principal-in-Charge
John Gregg, Project Manager
Al Ip, Project Architect