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BETERA office

BETERA office

The main feature of this two-story office is that the facades of the building are completely glass and we had to take into account the seating of employees along the windows. The company has a lot of different subdivisions and teams for which privacy is important, so it was more of a cubicle layout than an open one. To solve this problem we made all the cabinets glass and curtains for more privacy. In addition to organizing workspaces, we paid special attention to employee recreational areas: in each block we have a lot of different recreational zones with different functions, and each of these zones has several scenarios for use. For example, there is a recreational area where employees can play console games, while it can also become an original space for photo shoots of the marketing department.

Thus, having unusual initial data and a specific technical task from the customer, we managed to create a modern, non-trivial office space, which is both open and private, and which allows employees to embody different work scenarios in it.

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Status: Built
Location: Belarus
Firm Role: Interior design