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Banyue Beauty Salon

Situated in an old district in Haikou, China, Banyue Beauty Salon departs from the concept of a soft and intimate parlor where the customers can interact and socialize. To resonate with the theme of its name, which means half-moon in Chinese, elements of circle, semicircle, and arch, are consistently deployed in the limited space to soften right edges, which strengthens one's spatial experience in the salon. The interplay between the off-white wall and the wood furniture, combined with vibrant touches of round-shaped metal panels and dark red doors, adorns the living room with spices of playfulness and layers of nuances.

Ascending from the narrow stairway, customers would arrive at the parlor where arches and circular elements are largely arranged and carefully orchestrated. The spatial outcome here is simple, without any redundant or miscellaneous gestures: all the shelves take the form of caves that are carved into the thick wall, certain hard edges between walls and beams are rounded with different radii of curves, and furniture in rounded shapes are adorned with minimal materials. The consistency of design language is also manifested in furniture design. For instance, the front desk takes the shape of an oval that is defined by overlapping wood panels and a cream-colored marble atop; in the dressing table, the arch element is placed upside down to form the support while the semicircular element becomes the drawer handle.

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Status: Built
Location: Haikou, CN
Additional Credits: Designer: Leyuan Li, Yao Wang
Photo Credit: Suhong Dong