Studio Siculo - Anthony Cane

Studio Siculo - Anthony Cane


Johnson St Loft

The landscape of New Orleans architecture and design called me to create a space of my own.  My background and drive to continue pursuing urban renewal led me to choose a classic New Orleans shotgun-style close to the city center for rehabilitation and revitalization. The intrigue of the large volume of interior space in these existing dwellings directed the concept of converting this space and flow into a more efficient and modern lifestyle. Challenges to this project included specific restrictions due to its unusual property boundary as well as budget limitations. However, this afforded me the full autonomy of the project design and execution. While construction of a new foundation was not possible, I opted to utilize the existing concrete block wall of the non-historic rear addition of the structure. By saw-cutting the existing wall I was able to reuse the native foundation and frame the new addition above. Keeping the intrinsic lines of the historic roof, the new addition assimilates into the old structure but while remaining defined from the exterior with standing seam metal cladding. Seeing the extensive attic space in historic shotguns as advantageous, two levels were created optimizing every inch of height to produce a spacious yet intimate area for bedrooms. Locating the kitchen and more ‘public’ space towards the front afforded efficiency to the circulation of the residence. At the intersection of the more public and private area a new double height space was created to form a studio/office. Respectfully and fortuitously not only the foundation wall was salvaged but so were existing chimneys and wood throughout the demolition phase. Brick was repurposed for the construction of landscaping planters as well as a wood grill, old wood studs were salvaged and used as trim millwork, and the wood lathe that once held up the plaster walls became cladding for bedroom ceilings to create a sense of warmth and durability.

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Status: Built
Location: New Orleans, LA, US
Firm Role: Owner, designer and builder
Additional Credits: Team Elite Construction - Franklin Santos

The Johnson St Loft - Flyover