Poznan, PL


Collection of conceptual Architecture vol.2

ANTIREALITY is a conceptual world built on the basis of abstract ideas about reality. It is a space that escapes realism and pragmatism and is dedicated to exploring ideas that oftentimes can be neither adapted to the existing reality nor implemented. Images are a record of my mental journey through the fictional world of Antireality. This journey is not only a search for nonstandard ideas but also inspiring paths of visual expression. The alternative world of Antireality is characterised by the absence of limitations and standards, it is an experimental space that at times borders between dream and reality. Antireality is a diary of my architectural imaginations and non-materialised ideas aiming to stimulate recipients’ imagination.
My adventure with creating Antireality began one and a half years ago when an idea first sprouted in my mind. The idea to design a creative space that would allow one to be taken into a world deprived of boundaries that would give countless possibilities for experimenting and engaging in a creative search. At that time, I started working on the first concepts, as well as ponder upon and define the general character of my work. The main drive was to combine my passion for architecture and visualisation with my desire to experiment and to seek both nonstandard design proposals and interesting spatial functions.
In my works, I like touching upon subjects focused on exploring boundaries between architecture and nature, ways in which they could be integrated, and also seeking geometric-spatial correlation existing in nature. My main goal was to create a world whose narration would be based on an architectural journey across the land of imagination. The reality I have created is founded on seeking unconventional architectural-spatial situations, that often oscillate between reality and dream.

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Status: Unbuilt
Firm Role: Concept design