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SR Projects

New York, NY


Standard Dose

Standard Dose, a burgeoning CBD brand, has recently opened a store in New York’s NoMad neighborhood. Designed by SR PROJECTS in collaboration with TUNA, the space features a meditation space, tea bar, beauty counter and sink, and grab-and-go products. 

The designers worked closely with Anthony Saniger of Standard Dose to concretize the brand’s identity through the raw minimalist interior. Intended as a retreat within one of Manhattan’s busier neighborhoods, the tactile materials, the soft lighting and the informal furniture were all calibrated to establish a pervasive feeling of calm. “This was an unusual palette to pull together, often we are asked to create focus and dynamism through color and accents, here we opted for more subtle and harmonious colors with emphasis on texture and touch” says Sacha Roubeni of SR PROJECTS.

The space utilizes arched openings and radiused corners to avoid any visual dead-ends. Plantings are also a central focus of the space, selected to correspond with their different placements: cacti at the entrance, conspicuous to passersby, a yucca providing cover for two lounge chairs and a manicured jade in the meditation space.

Essential to the design was the approach to the space’s proportions. As with many storefronts, the empty space was very narrow and tall. The designers used a central feature wall to anchor the space, visually connecting the entire store while also defining the separate product zones. Through striking lower datums and easing corners, as well as dropping a baffled ceiling the designers were able to alter the perception of the space’s proportions.

A hallmark feature of the storefront is its incorporation of a meditation room focused around an artificial skylight. The skylight, by Italian manufacturer CoeLux is the first of its kind in a US retail space. The light provides the uncanny illusion of actual sunlight. “It really has to be seen to be believed” says Christopher Gardner of TUNA, a collaborator on the project.” For the meditation space, creating a sense of “place” was key, it needed to feel unlike any space a visitor might otherwise come across.”

SR PROJECTS is a collaborative design studio headed by Sacha Roubeni.  Working in from residential to commercial projects, SR PROJECTS takes the same detail-oriented approach to every project while establishing a tailored design process and team of collaborators.

TUNA is an architectural design office led by Christopher R. Gardner, which seeks to deliver interesting outcomes through research and experimentation. For TUNA, architecture is still a means to provide a unique experience of the modern world.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
Firm Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Designer: SR Projects
Collaborator: TUNA
Contractor: Mentors Construction, Inc.