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AWA Lighting Designers

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575 Lexington

The lighting for the lobby at 575 Lexington Avenue was designed to draw attention to the building entrance with two large “lanterns” of light flanking the glass wall of entry doors. Each lantern, comprised of double-height translucent white glass and evenly illuminated from within, wraps around the corner of the façade formed by the recessed entry canopy. On the other side of the entry doors, the light temperature shifts from cool to warm, drawing the visitor into the lobby. The entire curved wall at lobby left is covered with vertical panels of warm, textured resin that seems to emanate warmth as it glows from fixtures hidden at its base. A regular sequence of illuminated niches progresses from entry to elevators in even pairs.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
Additional Credits: Architect: H3 Hardy Design Collaborative
Photography: Mark La Rossa