Atelier YokYok

Atelier YokYok

Paris, FR



Treedom is an emblematic installation designed for the SZIGET festival.
The aim is to gather people around a simple symbol, a geometrical forest. More than a simple sculpture, we propose a huge installation that can be walked through, and experienced from within.
A network of pole trees is randomly dispatched on a square grid to create a seemingly wild ensemble, with various densities and transparencies depending on the viewpoint.
Each tree is fastened to its neighbouring ones by the branches, which emphasizes the feeling of being in a forest.
Some benches join the trees at their bases, offering outdoor lounges. The installation provides a slight shade during the day, but also a warm ambiance at night time, being illuminated from the canopy.

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Status: Built
Location: Budapest
Firm Role: Conception & Realization
Additional Credits: Big thanks to:
Laure (consulting/logistic/competition finding) & carpenters&architects team: Mathilde, Laure, Flo, François, Amélie, Pyv, Chloé, Martin, Cyrille and Zoltan.
>> and special thanks to Sammode france ( maecenas of the lighting of TREEDOM