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Sandstone Road

Grand Prize Winning Entry of 'Iida Awards 2010'

The world is suffering from a material found outside of every doorway. asphalt has been used as
the conventional paving material for the last 80 years. extremely toxic chemicals are released in
its production, installation, and are off-gassed throughout its lifetime. asphalt greatly contributes
to the urban heat island effect, reaching peak temperatures of 48-67 degrees Celsius. at current
consumption levels, approximately 28,000,000 barrels of crude oil were required to create
south Korea's 86,990 km roadway system. this is roughly 5 times the amount of oil released into
the gulf of Mexico. our project proposes the use of an organic process to create sandstone from sand
as an alternate paving surface, thereby mitigating the harmful effects of asphalt.

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Status: Competition Entry