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Yahoo!: Trail of Tiles

Most anthropologists would agree that the first sign of intelligence in our species was the creation and use of tools to interact with our environment. From the sharp rock to the computer mouse our species has always relied on a medium for interaction. It took 20,000 years but a new age of interactivity has dawned.

No longer bound by soulless mechanical controls, gesture-based interaction heralds the future of interactivity. Tronic's Yahoo! Gesture Based Installation at the Yahoo! headquarters in Sunnyvale, California brings this future into the present. By relying solely on the movement of the human body the "Trail of Tiles" allows for unprecedented interaction, which blurs the lines between the real and virtual world.

The 12 ft high by 9ft wide video wall installation is in essence a giant Yahoo logo, composed of blocks representing key Yahoo! features. Left alone the "wall" plays generic videos showing off different Yahoo! properties in stunning 3D. Simply walking by triggers a reaction from the display and the fun begins. The Yahoo! logo tracks and follows the movement happening in front of its 9 giant screens. Precisely the tiles, instantly and intimately connecting the user to the display, mimics any gesture. Intuitive motions can rearrange, build, and destroy the blocks on screen. As interaction continues and the gestures become more aggressive, other complex functions are revealed. The display enters "Carousel" mode, allowing the user to interact with individual tiles. As the tiles fly across the screen simple hand gestures select individual tiles, serving up real time raw feeds of Yahoo! news, stocks, and sports among other Yahoo! features.
There is no preparation or instructions for an encounter with the wall, making every interaction incredibly personal, assuring a deeper relation with the brand while simultaneously pushing the limits of interactivity. The time of stale white office corridors with scattered cheap reproductions on the walls is coming to an end.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Sunnyvale, CA, US