Tronic Studio

Tronic Studio

New York, NY


HP: Manifold

Commissioned to create a large-scale sculpture and video installation that "transcends technology and creates an experience that embraces the new" at  HP's Palo Alto headquarters, Tronic designed an ever-emerging reality that rides the cutting edge of experiential design expectations. The permanent installation - a manifold of deploy-able panels 60 feet long, with a RFP (reinforced fiberglass) shell derived from CNC milling techniques - bridges the divide between the virtual and the actual. 

The combination of sculpture and animation in the piece - one side reflects today's architectural language, while the other is a syncopated video wall - allows visitors' perceptions to change as a function of time, use and other external influences, exemplifying Tronic's ability to create abstract, trans-disciplinary works that filter the spirit of our time.

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Status: Built
Location: Palo Alto, CA, US