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New York, NY


Herzog and Demeuron: 56 Leonard

Breaking every architectural tradition in New York City, the high-rise at 56 Leonard is the epitome of avant-garde design. Herzog & de Meuron conceived a residential building towering above the Downtown skyline with a unique twist; every floor plan for its 57 stories is different. In order to emphasis this vision Tronic created a film, which shows off the tower's incredible form level by level.


A serene aerial helicopter shot of downtown New York is suddenly invaded by a giant pristine metallic sphere slowly descending from the sky. The sphere hits the ground and is immediately followed by a concrete floor landing on top of it and exerting pressure. As more levels of the building descend, the sphere reacts to their forces contorting under the weight. From this perspective, the sphere takes on its actual sculptural form conceived by Anish Kapoor, the famous British sculptor. Squeezed by the weight of the building, the statue gives the impression of a functional support. By becoming one of the main structural supports in the film, the iconic statue drives home the principle that art is the cornerstone of architecture and design.


The levels continue to descend and stack, evoking ethereal Lego blocks which connect at odd angles forming a beautiful and fragile looking structure that puts all the conventional buildings around it to shame. The film zooms in and out of the apartments, showcasing the original design as well as the open space feel of every floor thanks to strategic balconies and full-floor glass windows. It culminates with the last 8 levels, all enormous one-floor penthouses staking in a per-curious fashion and completing the masterpiece which stands above the rest of the boring conventional skyline of downtown.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: New York, NY, US